Community Independent Candidate/MP for the NSW State seat of Lane Cove

About North Sydney's Independent (NSI)

North Sydney’s Independent (NSI) is a local volunteer group supporting our community’s democratic representation at all levels of Government (local, state and federal). The co-founders and co-directors act as volunteers. It is a non-profit organisation that fundraises all its income and has no employees.

NSI is currently focused on the upcoming NSW state election scheduled for 25 March, 2023. This includes the electorates of Lane Cove, North Shore and Willoughby. On August 28, NSI publicly announced it was looking for a candidate to contest the seat of Lane Cove.

Read more about who we are and why we are now searching for the right candidate for this important role here.

About the Role: Community-backed Independent Candidate/MP for Lane Cove

Once selected as the community-backed independent candidate for Lane Cove, you will start campaigning. The campaigning will crescendo in the few months prior to the 25 March 2023 state election will be more than a full-time effort - but with lots of volunteers helping you. You will receive no income support from NSI during this period, however donations will support your campaign expenses.

Your primary responsibility during the campaign will be to educate the voters of Lane Cove of your ability to represent them as their state MP and to earn their trust and their vote. This means you will listen to their aspirations and concerns and work with policy advisors on how to best align your work and vote with voters in the Lane Cove electorate. You will communicate with voters directly at public events, via social media and through the coverage your campaign will attract through mass media.

If/when you win the election, you will enter the NSW parliament as the Member for Lane Cove for a four year term. You will have both an office in your electorate and one in the city. Your support staff will be paid for by the NSW government. It is expected that you will proactively listen and consult with your electorate on issues that you vote on in parliament and that your vote will align with your community.

Full salary details can be found on the NSW Electoral Commission website, but the base salary is $169,192.

This is a tough but highly rewarding role that carries not only a huge responsibility to the people who vote for you, but also to all the residents of your electorate who don’t vote for you.

Our Ideal Candidate

The candidate we decide to back will be chosen by NSI’s recruitment panel from a pool of people interested in running for the seat of Lane Cove as a community independent candidate at the 2023 state election. The process will find the person who is best aligned with the following criteria:


  • Be a people person who can talk to and empathise with people from all walks of life
  • Live within the boundaries of the NSW electorate of Lane Cove
  • Have the time and passion to devote to campaigning
  • Have a strong moral compass that is central to who you are and how you operate
  • Be an Australian citizen


  • Record of strong community service or being a voice for others
  • Have strong networks or public profile in the Lane Cove electorate or beyond
  • Public speaking and debating skills +/- media training

Individual Qualifications/Skills

  • Strong leadership experience, preferably including dealing with academia, businesses, governments and/or NGOs in public-facing roles
  • An understanding of the democratic process and how governments operate

Part of your commitment will be to learn about the community-independent history and ethos and to sign a pledge to your community.

How to Apply

Organise an initial confidential discussion with one of our co-founders by submitting an expression of interest to [email protected] 

Applications close on Friday, 1 October 2022 or prior, if we find an ideal candidate.