About Us

North Sydney’s Independent (NSI) is a local volunteer group supporting our community’s democratic representation at all levels of Government.

In 2021 NSI built a local team to search, launch and support a community independent candidate campaign for the 2022 federal election. From that process we now have our community independent - North Sydney MP, Kylea Tink.  NSI then found and launched campaigns for community independents in the March 23 NSW election - Victoria Davidson in Lane Cove and Helen Conway in North Shore.

Between election cycles NSI will continue to support and empower local grassroots democracy in our community.

North Sydney has a proud history of having independent candidates representing us. Ted Mack, often referred to as the “father of independents”, is the only person to have been elected as an independent to local, state, and federal government. Ted Mack believed his role was to represent his community’s voices – not his own nor a party’s. We expect that all future community supported NSI candidates will align with this philosophy.

NSI's co-founders and spokespeople are:


Kristen Lock – local mother of two, former nurse and public health researcher.





Denise Shrivell – local mother of two, advertising and media professional, and political commentator.



To contact Kristen and Denise please email us directly:  [email protected]

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There are 5 key ways you can help NSI change the way we do politics in our community...

  1. Subscribe to our regular newsletter - stay up to date with NSI’s plans and progress
  2. Volunteer - there's always an election around the corner to prepare for
  3. Donate - help fund NSI's activities
  4. Complete NSI's community survey - share your views with us as we work to strengthen our democracy
  5. Become a community independent candidate - if you've considered running for public office get in touch. We're keen to hear from you.